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How it all began...

I was born in Palma de Mallorca, I have been working since 2007 in world restaurant leaders, between Palma de Mallorca, London, New York and Catalonia. I have carried out different specialties, such as pastry, bakery, kitchen and front of the house.


In 2012 my obsession with the Sistine Chapel of the dough's, the Panettone, began.


I was in New York when my head pastry chef at the time, sent us panettone and pandoros from Italy.

I must admit that it had been a sweet that had not caught my attention, until that day. It left me speechless, I had never tasted something so special.

I was told of it's magical process, the 72H of work,  the difficulty of elaboration; and it was awe-inspiring. I knew I needed to try it for myself!


So I started creating my sourdough from apples, in my room in New York.

I hardly knew what sourdough was, but step by step, I followed the instructions I found on the internet, in books, through the guidance of friends, and also my intuition... 

In its early form, I used it to make bread with it, but I still needed to understand it better...

To make panettone, you need a very active sourdough that has an optimal PH, so that it does not give the panettone a robust fermented flavor.

And that is achieved by refreshing the sourdough every 3 hours over the course of several days.

I came back to Spain and enrolled in two panettone courses, I analyzed every recipe I found, I am relentless when it comes to bake, I didn't understand and I desperately wanted to understand panettone.


The first "thousand" times were a disaster, and I was frustrated. 

But after many many attempts, failures, disappointments, tears and above all, tenacity; I perfected the technique, I learned "the hard way" but even if it was hard at the time, mistakes are the best mentors.


Roscottone is the result of everything I have learned in my life and my vision towards it.

I feel very inspired by the Mediterranean landscape, where I live, Mont-Roig del Camp and where I come from, Mallorca.

And I feel more connected than ever to nature, for what is authentic and honest.

That is why I choose carefully the ingredients prioritizing quality, proximity and craftsmanship.

Also I wanted to reflect that on the packaging, so I chose a packaging made of recycled wood scraps and then jute twine to close it. Equally beautiful and sustainable.

I hope you like the result of all these years of experiences, similar to life being an ongoing journey.Roscottone is ever-changing as I continue to learn and improve upon it.

I would love to know what you think, when you try it!

Big hug,


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